Jazmine & Jordan – Wedding Film Highlights – Cherry Tree Films

This wonderful Scots-American Wedding was a total hoot. I think the best thing is that Jazmine and Jordan just enjoy life. They love each other immensely and enjoy every day that comes.

Jordan lives for his golf, so the chance to grab some shots of him teeing off was something I didn’t want to miss, and the cheesy setup shot of Jazmine looking down the fairway…you two are nuts (and funny). The Wedding Ceremony was at Cramond Kirk, followed by reception at The Royal Burgess Golf Society. A chilled, relaxing and great wedding day – interviewing your guests was a total hoot, some hilarious characters there all right! Oh and some truly awesome dancing…The Grease Medley will live with me forever 🙂

I do hope the feeling of ‘fun’ comes out in this film as that really is what the day was about, having fun with family and friends, but ultimately about celebrating love. Guys you were so great to work with, and it was brilliant to see Ashley & Malcolm again.

Take good care of each other!


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  1. Another fantastic wedding film Steve! Thanks for doing it so well, it’s lovely to be reminded of Jordan & Jaz’s big day and how wonderful it was too. Nice to see you again too!

    Ashley & Malcolm xxx

    1. Thanks Ashley, it was lovely to see you two again!! It really was a great day and the interviews were SO funny…yours included…”ahwooooo” he he 🙂 Take care! Steve


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