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We craft wedding films that tell your wedding day story in a unique and individual way. Our wedding videos are all about capturing the very essence of you as a couple, in a truly relaxed and natural way.


We're not there to control the moments, to create fake events, as that really wouldn't be your wedding! We just want you to be yourselves. To be absolutely real!


We're looking for all those special little moments between you both, and also your family and friends. We catch those with style and great skill. We're told that we're pretty darned good at that. Natural and unobtrusive wedding videography to the max.


As your wedding story is unique, if you have the time we would love to get to know you a little, to discover what is your perfect wedding film.


We are filmmakers, not just videographers and we take great care and pride in the work that we do. We are privileged to be filming one of the most important days of your lives, and we value the responsibility and trust you place in us!




Really, we offer far more than ‘wedding video’, we are dedicated to producing films that tell your story in a unique and individual way.


We have an opportunity to capture your day and create a wedding film that will take you straight back to your wedding day, so you can re-live that special time for years to come. Withouth being too corny, and with our own life experience behind us, it's very true to say that the value of this investment only increases with age. This is very special thing that we do, and it means a lot. It's worth investing in.


Editing is absolutely vital, and during this important phase, each film takes as long as it takes, as we never want to constrain an edit by looking at the clock. We also can't abide the "template look" so often seen. Every film starts from scratch, with you in mind. Always bespoke.


Gear? Just know that we’ve got all the gear and more importantly know how to use it all to tell a story!


So, we're a chilled couple, we’re passionate, and we work mighty hard to make truly individual wedding films that you will absolutely adore.


We’d love to talk about your plans, so please do get in touch.

Natural and real-life

Because we're not the biggest fans of faked and acted-out moments in a wedding day, we're truly the masters of real and natural.


We're there to capture things as they really happened, not be there to stage and construct moments. Sure, during portrait shoots with just the two of you we're there to get some stunning shots (check out our films!) but that can all be done without you having to act. We'll explain what we're looking for, and guide you to just be yourselves, take a walk perhaps, have a chat about what just happened, but we're not going to have you act out scenes for us to add to a film template!

We'd prefer you to say "how did they even get that shot?" rather than "oh, do you remember that awkward bit where we had to..."


All of our years of experience means we are tuned to anticipating and looking for all those lovely little moments as they evolve naturally during the wedding day. This is real-life filmmaking.


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Wedding Film kind words...

“It’s just so amazing, the film, I’m still trying to work out how on earth I can put it into words.

It is history, our history together. What an utterly amazing day it was. I love the “hello wife bit”; I don’t remember that at all.

Funny how it’s all a blur, imagine if you never got to see the film and all those important bits were just gone!

Well put it this way, I thought the trailer was amazing. But the highlights blow the trailer away completely!!

We are SO lucky to have this film. The talent they have is just incredible. If all we had was this 4 minute highlights section, we could live with that forever, it’s like the whole thing compressed into one little moment. I feel emotional just thinking about it. Want to watch it again NOW!!! God, I’m off again, have tears in my eyes!!”


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Award Winning Wedding Films

The wedding videography we craft has won us a number of awards over the years, both for the quality of wedding films we create and the customer service we offer.


While it's nice to be recognised by the Institute of Videography as Best Open Film and Best Wedding Film categories in the UK, as well as the multiple VOWS Awards wins and nominations, it's the wonderful words from our couples that are the most rewarding.


It's not lost on us how important an event a wedding is, and everything we do matters. So we always take absolute care to make every wedding film the very best it can be. No compromises.



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