Cherry Tree Films - Scottish Wedding Videographer

Your wedding day will be incredible...

The one thing that a Cherry Tree wedding film has over any other part of your wedding, is that we have a unique opportunity to take you straight back to your wedding day, the sights and the sounds of the day. A film that gives you the opportunity to truly feel everything you felt on one of the most important days of your lives together.

Wouldn't you like to feel everything, all over again?

Real Wedding Films.

On the day, if need be, we'll give you some gentle guidance rather than full-on direction, we'll not be asking you to pose, to act, or to stare down the lens. Feel free to do it, we'll be ready, but we'll not ask.

We just want you to be yourselves, your wonderful natural selves.

Then we'll take all those little genuine moments, the loving smiles and glances, all the fun and excitement, and all the spoken words from your day - ceremony, speeches, toasts, readings etc - and we'll blend them all together with a cracking soundtrack to create your wedding story. No templates, no scripts, just your own genuine wedding story.

We're not just looking for clips for Insta, we're looking for timeless footage that'll last a lifetime.

Professional observers.

As Dr Seuss said, "sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory" and that just speaks to us.

We are professional observers. We watch and we capture, and we use our experience to anticipate where and when all the wonderful little moments will happen on a wedding day. The knowing glances, the smiles and conversations.

We don't film to a script, we film what really happens and you won't see shots used again and again every single film. This is YOUR story and no-one elses.

We're discreet, and love to just blend in, that way things just happen around us, things that you won't notice, won't see maybe, and that's the absolute beauty of what we do.

Wedding films with heart, soul and humour.

Fun. It's an essential part of a wedding, and we absolutely love to show it, from the nervous excitement of the morning preparations right through to the raucous dancing at night, there's fun and humour everywhere!

Soul. This is exactly why we prefer to be discreet and capture the real you, and not ask you to be something you're not.

It's the only way to create wedding films that show the real essence of you both, of you as individuals (as the day begins) and then you as a newly married couple. It's only through a relaxed, natural & real approach that can we capture this. It's a beautiful way to work.

Where were you?

We've lost count of the times we've heard "we didn't even know you were there" which is a real compliment as we're there for a good 8-12 hours on your day.

Those comments are of course because we are discreet, but also because we're not strangers! We love to get to know you a little - when time & distance allows - as it helps us to create a more individual wedding story - and that too helps us just blend into the background of your wedding day.

We also hear "you were such a great help" a lot!

That's simply because we have a huge amount of experience and whether it's trying to calm an anxious moment, suggest a plan, fix a tie, bustle a dress, or just fetch & carry, we are there to help.

Our own life experience tells us one thing, that the real value of investing in your wedding film only increases with age. To have a timeless and precious family memory captured forever, is something truly priceless.


"If this was a cassette tape, it would be worn out already from how much I’ve replayed it. It’s beautiful - I knew it would be but I’ve sat here sobbing happy tears from how incredibly beautifully you’ve captured our day. Thank you a million times over for creating something so incredibly memorable for us. I’m seeing our wedding through an entirely different (and better - if that’s even possible) lens than I experienced on the day and it’s only added to how happy we felt afterwards. We love it!"