Any Questions? Wedding Video FAQs.


We appreciate that there’s SO much to think about when considering a wedding film, and that you probably have a ton of questions! Quite right! It's a big investment and choosing the right folk for your wedding is really really important!


So, we’ve included answers to some common questions below, but if there’s ANYTHING you’d like to know, please do get in touch and we’d be delighted to chat through things in more detail.


Firstly, on this very website you write about "Wedding Video" and "Wedding Films". I'm confused, what's the difference?
Wedding Videos is such a 90's and 00's description, what we do now is far removed from the "Wedding Video" of old. State of the art equipment, cinematic movement and composition, film industry standard colour grading, storytelling editing skills, all of this makes the use of the phrase "wedding film" fully justified and far more accurate for what we create! The simple answer though? People still search for the phrase "wedding video", so it needs to be in here somewhere ;)


How Many Cameramen are there?
We film all of our weddings with two cameramen as all our Film Collections include both of us filming. We really can’t stress enough how much the addition of a second cameraman adds to the film.


Is two really better than one?
There is so much happening on a wedding day that having two cameramen at your wedding allows a much more dynamic and complete wedding film. We are able to film both bride and groom preparations, both photoshoot and guests relaxing, and generally be in two places at one time so you get a much more complete picture of the wedding day. It also allows us to use our full range of equipment for capturing those truly cinematic shots. The ceremony, speeches and dancing sections of the day are filmed from multiple angles for a more polished final edit.


Can I tweak my package?
Our ‘Film Collections’ are merely suggestions and are entirely flexible. So feel free to ask about creating a totally bespoke wedding package that will suit your needs perfectly. Do contact us for a chat, or we can email over a brochure explaining all the options.


Do you film in High Definition?

Our cameras and high-end lenses give absolutely stunning HD results. All of our Film Collections include delivery of your films as High Definition 1080p files via our online delivery platform, on BluRay disks and also come as a standard definition DVD disk for maximum compatibility.


Who films and edits the wedding film?
Well, it’s just us, that’s it. No ‘team’, no ‘crew’, no ‘weekender’ cameramen who have other jobs, no students. Your wedding film is far too important for us to entrust it to people not 100% invested in you and your day. So rest assured…it’s just us!


What do you wear?
We wear smart clothes, a suit and a tie! The absolute worst thing we can imagine is to turn up at your special day in gaudy monogrammed polo shirts advertising our company! Eek! No way! We want to blend in with your guests, it’s not “all about us”, so naturally we wear appropriate clothing for a wedding!


How long before I receive my finished wedding DVD?
We spend a considerable amount of time in the editing and post-production phases of creating your wedding film. We also film the bulk of our weddings during the May to September period so it’s easy to build up a considerable backlog of work. So we do quote turnaround times anywhere between 12 and 16 weeks, depending on the time of year.


How long was that?
Yes we did say up to 16 weeks. We do hope to deliver before, but at least you know the longest it may be. Do remember that our goal is to make highly individual and bespoke wedding films and this does take time. Each film takes as long as it takes, we don’t assign a set amount of hours for each edit, also it’s all done in-house. As many many clients have said over the years, it really is worth the wait! Other companies may quote you very low turnaround times, and if so you really should consider whether they ; a) spend much time in the editing phase, b) have much work to edit in the first place, or c) outsource the editing to someone else?


Online Wedding Films?
Not only do we supply your Wedding Film on disk formats such as DVD & Blu-ray, but with all of our Film Collections we also supply it as an online film ready for you to share with family and friends the world over. All watchable from a private password protected page, in glorious HD. Do ask about this when chatting about your ideas.


How can I see more of your superb work?
We do have lots of samples on this website, but the very best place to look is our BLOG where we post our most recent wedding films (the link is above). The absolutely BEST way to see our work though is to visit us just outside Edinburgh for a chat. We can show you some more clips in person and also a full Wedding Film if you’d like, we can also talk more about your plans. Again, just drop us an email or give us a call on 0131 445 1000 and Yvonne would be delighted to set that up. Look forward to speaking to you!


Where will you travel to?
We’ve traveled widely over the years and we’re happy to travel all over the UK and Internationally. Travel costs do apply for weddings outside of the Central Belt of Scotland.


What cameras do you use? How about sound equipment?
We’ll not bore you with tons of useless technical details, we hope the films speak for themselves in that respect. Suffice to say we use state of the art HD and 4K DSLR handheld cameras and highest quality fast lenses (so no big nasty obtrusive broadcast cameras with blinding lights! eek!) which enable us to perfectly blend in and capture fabulous relaxed and natural footage. We also use a range of camera movement and stabilisation equipment (Sliders, Glidecam and Gimbals etc) to get that real cinematic look. Sound? Well that is every bit as important as the picture, so rest assured we use a range of on-camera, fixed position and remote radio microphones to capture crystal clear audio whenever it is needed. The bottom-line is that we consider it pretty obvious that we have great equipment, and we don’t feel the need to shout about it. If you’d genuinely like to know though, Steve would be more than happy to chat gear (he’s the archetypal geek!)


Do you use aerial drones?
We are able to offer stunning cinematic 4k drone footage – when weather conditions and location allow. Steve is a fully licensed Drone Pilot with a full CAA PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) license. So you can rest assured we are fully covered with all the necessary CAA and insurance cover to film your wedding with the drone, this is very important and an essential legal requirement.


Who supplies the music? What about copyright?
We ask our clients to supply the bulk of music choices for their wedding film. We do like to add in some tracks occasionally as we do feel we have the skills to find the perfect track for any given part of the film. As for copyright, we do hold all the necessary licences to use commercial music on your Wedding Film.


I have another question not answered here?
That’s fine, no matter what you need to know, please just give us a call on 0131 445 1000 or an email using the form on our Contact page. We look forward to speaking to you soon.

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What one of our lovely wedding couples said...

Hi Yvonne & Steve, I’m sure Amy has thanked you profusely for the wedding video but i’d also like to extend my gratitude. It really was a fantastic edit, brought so many incredible memories from the day flooding back, even some stuff i forgot actually happened! I recall mentioning to Steve when we saw you at Neil & Claire’s wedding at Hopetoun House in October last year, that the feeling of watching our 2 minute video trailer was the equivalent of imbibing a full bottle of gin in one go! Not that i’ve ever done that before but i think what i meant was that it was incredibly intense and completely saturated with happiness and emotion. The full video was an identical feeling, albeit lasting considerably longer. The music, the sequence of clips, the quality of the production are all amazing, truly first class. Our video is a permanent record of the happiest day of our lives and we are delighted we chose you to produce it. I have no doubt Amy and I will be watching this video with our children and grandchildren in years to come. Thanks again and we hope to see you soon.


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