Chris & Paige’s Wedding at Dalhousie Castle – Edinburgh Wedding Video

Just wanted to drop this into the blog as it’s ‘hot off the press’. It’s a film from a recent solo shoot at Dalhousie Castle.

Paige and Chris were great fun to be around.  Chris is an Ice Hockey Player in Dundee – a long way from home (and from Paige).  So when they finally decided to marry (and in Scotland) it was always going to be an intimate affair, just the two of them and a bunch of friends (also Hockey players).  As Paige and Chris spend a lot of time apart, while Chris plays Hockey over here, it was just so special for them to be together here in Scotland.  So as well as enjoying a highly emotional day, their main focus was on having fun!

It was a pleasure working with Yvonne who runs Scottish Wedding Planners as she put the whole day together for them, and I think you’ll agree their day was everything they wanted to be – a perfect blend of emotion and fun!

“here’s to you, here’s to me….forever friends we will be…” (you know where this is going don’t you Chris? Ha ha!)

Enjoy the film.




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  1. Seriously brilliant video from Chris and Paige’s wedding. I’ve heard you were very good, now I see the video I know why. There’s a lot of skill goes into you work, you have great bokeh going on, love the low sweeping angles and the time lapse at the start, all beautifully put together with the song…shooting on a 7D/5DmkII by any chance?

    Congrats on the brilliant work anyway.



  2. blogger says:
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    Of course it was a pleasure to work with Yvonne – she’s your effing wife ya imbecile. The way you take folks for mugs, with your wee clique is cynical beyond belief. God knows why folks fall for your guff!

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