Paris Trip – this time with Yvonne

It was Yvonne’s birthday a couple of weeks ago and for once I decided to plan something a little more special!

The week leading up to her birthday co-incided nicely with helping Callum prepare for a big French test at school. So at the end of an intensive French speaking week at home (thankfully Yvonne can speak French as mine is terrible, bordering on hilarious!) it was brilliant to surprise Yvonne with a trip to Paris leaving 3 days later!

To be honest it was the first time I’ve arranged anything like that as holidays are Yvonne’s thing (she is the wedding planner after all!) so thankfully she was delighted I had managed to get everything right 🙂

We had a fabulous four days in Paris, with a quick (but long) day of sightseeing the main attractions, and then 3 days just chilling, walking and soaking up the atmosphere of a truly wonderful city.

I’ve not had time to look through the snaps I took until today, so decided to pop a few on the blog for all to see.

It was just so good to get away together after a very hectic few weeks, and recharge ahead of an extremely busy summer. I must admit the pace of life in France was genuinely seductive, I could so get used to that….I think we’ve finally decided on the country we’ll retire too (many years in the future of course 🙂

Enjoy (we did!).

Steve x

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  1. Thank you for such a lovely surprise! I had such a nice time, it was WONDERFUL just to kick about together and totally relax. Again, again please! Yx


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