Wonderful Winter Wedding Trailer at Signet Library Edinburgh

Winter weddings are something special. Yes they provide their own difficulties with light and weather (the ‘light’ part is pretty easy to overcome given the right gear, skill and careful lighting) but they always have a wonderful intimate feel to them.

Here’s a trailer from the last wedding of 2012 at the utterly stunning Signet Library in Edinburgh.

Katie and Rich’s Wedding ceremony started with pupils at Katie’s school singing carols – a lovely moment and introduction to the ceremony itself – and with that connection it was really important to start the trailer with a little snippet of a wonderful solo. Then from St Giles Cathedral and on to the Signet Library.

The whole day was flawless – to be expected given it was run by Heritage Portfolio – and a ton of fun, with the dancing being a particular highlight. So much fun stuff from that part of the day. In fact it was really tough to decide what to fit in this short trailer.

Well, watch for yourself. It’s a cool way to help count down the weeks as the main wedding film edit moves it’s way up the queue 🙂





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