Julia & Olly – York Minster Wedding, England

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It’s just fabulous when we get the chance to film more than one wedding for a family and Julia & Olly are in fact the third wedding we’ve filmed for these guys.  Kathryn and Robbie Collin’s wedding at Ardanaiseig in 2007, Jamie & Ailsa Collin’s Wedding at Fenton Tower in 2009 and now it’s the turn of the lovely, bubbly Julia and Olly.

It was a huge privilege to be asked to travel down to York to film their wedding at the stunning York Minster, and we had a ball.  There was so much fun and I do hope the film reflects this. I wish I could share the interviews we did with the guests as they were just hilarious… (Robbie Collin I’m thinking of you here!)

Olly’s step-father had the honour of conducting the ceremony at the Minster so that was a very important part of the film, hence the 2 ‘acts’; one showing the emotion and solemnity of the day, and the other highlighting the fun.

We had an amazing time down in York.  A very very beautiful place, and it was brilliant to take a couple of days after the wedding to unwind and explore…. I think we should do that after every wedding 😉

So, enjoy a little bit of sun on this cold slushy winters day.




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