Weekend Snapshot

The weekend just gone, was BRILLIANT !

Not only did I get a TON of editing bits and pieces done (lots of little things that needed tying up!) but actually found a couple of hours off each day to chill and have some fun with Yvonne and Callum. Just a few hours here and there really help to keep me sane 🙂

The highlight of the weekend has to be our time sledging. Gotta love being a big kid, even Yvonne got stuck in (although she’s a secret adrenaline junkie – see her Auckland blog post from a couple of years back).

Anyhow, just wanted to share a few snaps of us larking about. What isn’t shown is me bailing from the sled at full tilt (hilarious) or me at all thankfully (hey, someone had to hold the camera, and anyway I had terrible wooly-hat hair!).  The Apres-sledge was also good fun, sharing some mulled wine and mince pies with our great friends Roman & Shadi.

Really, a fab weekend.

OK Monday…bring it on!


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