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French Wedding at Roxburghe Hotel – Sarah & Fabrice

[st_section_color color=’#ffffff’ padding=’20px’] “What can I tell you… Sarah has just changed my life” What a wonderful opening line for a film. Thank you Fabrice for not only giving me the perfect opening line, but I think my favourite end shot of a film for a very long time (you’ll see!).  The end shot somehow...

Bienvenue en Ecosse Rémy

[st_section_color color=’#ffffff’ padding=’20px’] Well actually it’s very nearly time to say “Au Revoir”…. 🙁 Rémy is our son’s French Exchange student over from Pessac, Bordeaux.  He’s a great kid and has worked really hard at improving his English over the past week.  It’s been great fun having him with us and I think his most...

Have a very merry cherry Christmas!

Wow, where has the past month gone!  Well, it’s meant me being pretty much chained to my edit suite working some mad hours to get through the backlog of weddings for 2011. I’ve still got lots left to do of course as I complete my editing for the 2011 weddings, and I have some rather...

Cherry Tree Films - Wedding Video & Wedding Films in Scotland

We're a fun, friendly and rather talented Wedding Film company who specialise in creating bespoke Wedding Films that are emotional and fun. We like to think that the Wedding Videos we create are real, natural and totally genuine. We'd love to hear about your plans!