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“What can I tell you… Sarah has just changed my life”

What a wonderful opening line for a film. Thank you Fabrice for not only giving me the perfect opening line, but I think my favourite end shot of a film for a very long time (you’ll see!).  The end shot somehow manages to encapsulate Fabrice’s personality in one simple gesture. Love it. Oh and there is a whole lot of loveliness in between!

Sarah & Fab’s Anglo-French wedding was a wonderfully stylish affair, filled with French flair.  Everything turned out just perfect including the Autumn weather, we were treated to a stunning day down in the Scottish Borders at Roxburghe.

The day was definitely a celebration, not only of Sarah & Fabrice being married but also of the bringing together of two families and two cultures.  A favourite part of mine was the way the speeches were read.  The two bestmen decided to read each section in English then in French, only to make it more fun the English bestman read it in French, and the French bestman read in English.  It just made for a really fun speech with the different accents creating the odd little grammatical mistake which only added to the fun (you’ll see!).

So, Sarah & Fabrice’s wedding was a beautiful, warm, happy day and we had a ton of fun.  Thank you Sarah & Fab for making us feel SO welcome, I’m so glad you love the film as much as you do!  I think I love it just as much!

OK, here we go… The awesome wedding of Sarah & Fabrice.

Bon spectacle!



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