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Well actually it’s very nearly time to say “Au Revoir”…. 🙁

Rémy is our son’s French Exchange student over from Pessac, Bordeaux.  He’s a great kid and has worked really hard at improving his English over the past week.  It’s been great fun having him with us and I think his most used phrases right now are “Hurry up Callum” and “Wheesht Callum” 🙂

As it was a beautiful sunny evening last night, we all had a walk up to the top of Blackford Hill, just to take some snaps for his folks back home.  So thought I’d share a few here.

It’s been a great experience and one that has taught us a lot too (especially improving Yvonne’s Higher French!).  Some really great laughs over the past week.

You’ve been a star Rémy, and we do hope we’ll see you again soon!

À bientôt!

Steve, Yvonne & Callum




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  1. holy smokes!! could Rémy have lucked out anymore!?! He got a super cool family to visit and all those awesome photos to remind him of his stay! lucky lad.


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