Rod & Jaimie’s Trailer – Dalhousie Castle Wedding Film Edinburgh

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It’s been so long since my last post, so sorry… had lots to do!

Time to share something from Rod & Jaimie’s lovely wedding at Dalhousie Castle. They’re a perfect match, and they were just so happy to spend their special day with family, friends, eagles, penguins, Aston Martins, Irn Bru, Helicopters (a big thing in Rod’s life!)…and us.

One of Rod & Jamie’s shared passions is Sci-Fi, so the perfect choice for a dramatic piece of music for this trailer came from “Star Trek – The Movie”. Every one of our films is individual, and it’s just great to be able to really tailor an edit to tell unique wedding stories about each couple. I do think this one really is “Rod & Jaimie!” (and they agree!).

The very poignant reading really did lend itself to telling this particular story. Life is indeed a journey, and a wedding is a very important step along the way. We’re very privileged to be part of such an intimate day in peoples lives. So very lucky.

Here’s a sneak peek at Rod & Jaimie’s wonderful day.  Enjoy!


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