The Best Wedding Video Company in Scotland ?

[st_section_color color=’#ffffff’ padding=’20px’]Are Cherry Tree Films the best wedding video company in Scotland?

the best wedding video company in scotland

Well, maybe but I guess ultimately that’s for you to decide and not us.  We are certainly the most award winning company, and we care a huge amount about our clients.  We love to put absolutely everything into our wedding films so that they are not only individual, but genuinely tell the story of your wedding day. We film in a very natural and relaxed way, with no fakery or acting towards camera.  Nothing but real and genuine emotion and fun in our films.

We offer far more than ‘wedding video’, we are dedicated to producing films that tell your story in a unique and individual way.

We also like to spend time getting to know you. What you love, any concerns you have, what makes the wedding special for you etc. Afterall, it’s your wedding film, and we want each and every film we make to be special, unique and as individual as you are.

In terms of investment of time, most of our hours go into the most rewarding part of the process… the editing.
The one thing we don’t do is specify a number of hours for editing! Each film takes as long as it takes, as we never want to constrain an edit by looking at the clock.
So, we’re a fun and chilled bunch. We love to get to know what ‘your’ perfect wedding film would be. We’re passionate, and we work mighty hard to make truly individual wedding films. We love what we do.

So, are Cherry Tree Films the best wedding video company in Scotland? If you think so then please do get in touch.


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  1. The question is: Are Cherry Tree Films the best wedding video company in Scotland?
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