Goodbye Design Scotland Video. Hello Cherry Tree Films.

Don’t be scared! Things change!

We’ve had this in the pipeline for months now and it’s with great excitement, a little trepidation, and enormous relief that we can at last tell you our story!

We formed Design Scotland Video back in 2001 with little thought for the name of the company itself. Over the years we have built up a superb reputation for fabulous wedding video.

As those years have gone by our style has changed and evolved and we’re now exactly where we want to be, and it really was time to lose the word’ video’ from our name. It’s so ’90s’!

So began the long process to find the identity that would fit perfectly with our new style of work and our ethics as a company.

After many ridiculous ideas conjured up in the car on our way back from weddings – ‘traffic cone films’ was never really an option – we finally found the name we were searching for….Cherry Tree Films.

The Cherry Tree is a highly revered tree and is very significant in Japanese and Chinese culture . It symbolises rebirth and renewal, as well as beauty and love. It all just slotted into place perfectly and Cherry Tree Films was born!

We’re still the same people – no change there – still producing the same award winning wedding films, so don’t worry, the change is a fabulous one!

Oh and if you came here from a recommendation from someone, please do go back and tell them about our exciting news! We want them to know about Cherry Tree Films too!

So, thank you Design Scotland Video, you have served us well.

Thanks also to everyone who has supported us in the changes being made, there’s truly exciting times ahead!

All the best.


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  1. All the best to you. You have earned it and I love the new name. I know your video’s will be as brilliant as ever.


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