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Kirsty & Paul’s Dundas Castle Wedding Film

Much of the year is pretty busy for us, whether it’s filming or editing… time just rushes by.  I realised recently that there are some pretty big gaps in our blogging and there are quite a few films that we just didn’t find the time to fit into the blogging schedule at one point or another.  This is one of those films.  This is one of those films that shows exactly what we’ve always said, yes weddings are emotional and major life changing events, but by heck they are fun too!

As I’ve said many times before, I’m going to let the film do the talking but I do have to mention how much fun we had on Kirsty & Paul’s day.  We laughed, Niels & Alie at Blue Sky Photography laughed, the staff at Dundas Castle laughed, I have no doubts that Gemma and the team from Planet Flowers laughed, the guests laughed and most of all Kirsty & Paul laughed and that’s how they live their lives, making the very most of life and enjoying it to the max.  The perfect foil for their busy lives as Medics.

I think that description brings me to my very favourite line of the whole film, courtesy of Paul’s brilliant speech and that is (paraphrasing)  “No-one can tell us what the future holds…but I can promise you…we will laugh!”.

Enjoy the film!  [Oh and I forgot my other fave line “is this the champagne or the strippers?” 😀  ]

Steve x


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