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Alan & Izy – Destination Wedding Film – London

So, what do you do when a fellow filmmaker from Canada asks you to film his wedding in London?  Well after getting over the surprise and being well chuffed at being asked, the nerves start to set in.  It’s one thing making sure everything is perfect for a couple, but when that couple are a filmmaker and wedding photographer, it elevates the self criticism to a whole new level!  

I met Alan on a workshop in Canada a few years ago, and his love of everything Beatles, and his knowledge of British culture (and chocolate bars!) meant we got on like a house on fire.  Even after the past few years of Facebook sarcasm & jibes involving “North America” v Britain, we were still speaking, so when he asked me if we were free I was utterly delighted.

Alan and Izy were married in an intimate ceremony in Izy’s Mum’s rather spectacular garden in the South London suburbs.  Such a peaceful spot filled with so many special details and with a day planned around family.  It was such a wonderful day, from the rather amazing self penned vows (including Alan’s poetic eloquence, and Izy’s brilliant Beatles lyric vows), the location, close family & friends, that dance under the moonlight, the first look and of course the whirlwind trip around London….  it was amazing.  All that and being made to feel like friends as well as filmmakers made it all the more special for us.  Thank you Alan & Izy. 🙂

It’s been fantastic getting to know you guys over the years, Yvonne and I both look forward to staying in touch with continued Facebook banter, and of course meeting up again either side of the pond 🙂

Alan & Izy, here’s to you guys, Happy Anniversary! x

Below is their Highlights film, I’ll be sharing their full film very soon, so do check back for that… the vows are just brilliant!


Steve & Yvonne


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