Need some sunshine? Try this – Balmoral Hotel Wedding Film

Euww, the weather has been nasty the past couple of days hasn’t it.

I was going to blog about a lovely wedding from October, but decided that today it might just be nicer to think about one of those lovely Summer days we had last July instead.

So, welcome to the wedding film of Sian & Alan.  Filmed at the wonderful Balmoral Hotel last July, this is their wedding story. Sian and Alan are just perfect together, and I think you’ll see why over the next few minutes.

Photography that day was by John & Sandra Parris and the trip down to Princes Street Gardens was SO worth it, even if we did have to run back from the West End of Princes Street, to try and beat S&A’s wedding car back to the Balmoral! Next time I’m getting a taxi, those cameras are heavy you know!

So, forget about this awful wintry weather for a few minutes and look forward/back to Summer.


‘Cherry-ographer’ (still find that funny Geoff!)
Cherry Tree Films

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  1. Thank you so much Lisa. Hope you have booked ‘cherry tree films’ for your wedding. The are amazing and you wont be disappointed! x


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