Yeay, Callum’s home!

This week has felt really odd!  Callum (our 11yr old star of a son) has been away on a School trip in London all week!

He’s been telling us all about it this evening and seems to have a had a great time (they aren’t allowed to phone home or anything so it’s been a whirlwind couple of hours hearing all that went on).

He’s just so sweet as he bought me a gift…Actually he had to ask his teacher to buy it….and then asked her to carry it on the train all the way from London!

Here’s a wee before and after of the gift….


Nice one huh!  he bought his Dad a nice bottle of beer from the Imperial War Museum!  What must his teachers now think of me?  Mum got a cool Christmas tree decoration from the Globe Theatre…. I still prefer my (really rather tasty) bottle of good old English beer (which again, I really enjoyed).

So thank you Callum 🙂

Oh and he forgot to post his Postcards and brought them home to post (I reckon he sold his stamps to a friend 😉 ) but I just can’t get over the line he wrote where he said “…just come back from the Science Museum, it was amazing…*”  then over a bit he qualified his asterisk by writing “* it would be much better with you”


So sweet.

Shame he’ll be shouting at us and slamming doors in a couple of years!

Apologies for the personal post.  It’s been a long week without Callum, and we’re so pleased to have him home 🙂

Have a great weekend all!


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