Something completely different – not a wedding dress in sight!

I had a whole weekend off this past weekend.  So did I sit back and relax, chill, do some shopping, muck about with Callum, go out for a nice meal with Yvonne?  No.

Well yes, I did actually do all of that but I also got around to editing some footage I took months ago!  Our neighbours son, Alex, is a totally mad downhill mountain bike nut and last Autumn I filmed him and a pal down at Bonaly doing their thing.  The filming was great fun, and with the guys flying past me just inches from my lens, it involved a level of bravery only surpassed by being on the dancefloor filming a dashing white sergeant at a recent Anglo-Irish wedding.

Alex has been hassling me for months now to get the edit completed so I sat aside a couple of hours yesterday and made their film.  Here’s the ‘highlights’ edit.  All filmed handheld, and I kept the edit nice and simple, no big filters etc  – although I might add some later, as 17yr old mountain bike dudes seem to just love those crazy filters   😉

I have to be honest I’m not 100% sure why I’m posting it here, maybe I need a ‘non-wedding’ blog too?  Anyhow, it’s a nice diversion from the norm and it does feature one of my favourite bands of the moment (30 Seconds to Mars)

So if you’re here to watch one of our fab wedding films, you might just want to skip this one tee hee!

Happy Days.


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  1. Great work Steve! Loved the flow of the video to the pace of the music. Did I see a GoPro in there? The slow-mo effects were great too.


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