Paris. La bande annonce du film

Bon Jour!

Firstly, I have to admit my French is pretty lacking and I managed to get by with some basic polite conversation, but after the past few days I have totally fallen in love with Paris.  A wonderful city.

Stuart and I spent a fabulous few days with Niels & Alie (plus Jed & Beth) from Blue Sky Photography, Jay & Christina from Elemental Weddings, and Mark & Donna (plus Jack & Hannah) from Archibald Photography.

The main brief was for everyone to have some fun, explore the city and relax… One day however was set aside for a chilled photo shoot across the city, shooting each other and generally having some fun in this amazing place.

Our brief was to capture some of that fun on film , as well as have a good time, which we most certainly did. (That’s the last time I let Stu order the drinks though… a 2L round of Kronenbourg really wasn’t the best of nightcaps!)

We had a fabulous time filming, exploring, taking pics…..and it was brilliant getting to know everyone better!

I discovered many things on the trip, including….. houseboats make me a little nauseous (it was fabulously cool, just my silly motion sickness!), Kronenbourg is bad for you, brand new Converse give you blisters if you spend 16hours a day in them, plus backpacks and Paris Metro doors do not like each other (Thank you Jay for pulling me into the tube train! Even though the ‘pro camera bag’ didn’t make it. sob!)

I’ll post more about the trip when I’ve found some time to look through some of the photos we took, plus go through the footage in much more detail, but right now I just want to tease you a little with a ‘Trailer’ of the trip.

The final film is going to be so much fun to edit, I just have to find some spare time!!

Also I can’t wait to see some of the stunning photos that the guys took! (hopefully very few of me!)

So, without further ado…

La bande annonce du film au Paris


à bientôt !


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  1. Fun!!! Is there more? Good luck with the VOWS award too – routing for you!! Yvonne can purchase another pair of Jimmy Chou for the big event!!!! xx

  2. Thanks Guys – it was a total pleasure and TONS of fun!! Got loads of great shots and the behind the scenes footage will be a blast! Can’t wait to share it all with you. Just need to find some time to fit this all in! 🙂

  3. Steve – we all just want to say we were blown away with this trailer. Have watched it over and over and over. Can’t believe how lucky we are that you came along and were able to record these priceless memories for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you xxxx

  4. Ditto Christina’s comments… Guys, you never cease to blow us away with your creativity, skill and amazingness… the words which have been resounding in Blue Sky towers over the last few days has been “again, again!” Incredible…! Love it!

  5. Have watched it at least 20 times now! Love, love, love it! You guys are so incredibly talented and we’re so glad you came on the trip – it wouldn’t have been the same without you.

    Can’t wait to see more.

    C & J x


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