we use copyright licences

Did you know that to be able to use professional copyrighted music on your Wedding DVD that we have to buy 2 types of copyright license?

Here at Design Scotland Video we do things professionally, and legally! We have both the PPL and MCPS licenses for your wedding film so we can legally add music from CD and from Live Bands to your Wedding Film.

It’s an added cost to running our business, but not a massive amount and we prefer to be totally legitimate in the way we run things.

It does make me wonder just how many other videographers out there bother?! There was a ‘poll’ run on an Industry website and the vast majority of companies and individuals out there did NOT buy licenses for their wedding work!

I found this astounding and just another example of all the folk out there that are doing things ‘on the cheap’ when offering Wedding Videography services. If a company is too cheap to bother covering the basic legalities of ‘copyright’ then where else are they going to cut costs? Their equipment? Their staff? Their editing time?

When choosing your videographer please do ask to see sight of the MCPS and PPL licenses for their productions, as you too are liable if you have a Wedding DVD that contains illegal use of copyrighted music!

It’s just another little thing that makes me realise that there are so many ‘weekenders’ and ‘part-timers’ out there that I’m so glad I took the leap all those years ago to form a professional, high quality FULL-TIME Wedding Film business.

Our focus on high quality individual wedding films, with exceptional customer service and total business integrity is vital to the way we work and deal with couples.

Trust is a major thing for us, as we are involved in such a special day in anyones life, so when choosing your videographer look at the person, the style, the samples, the equipment and the experience, but also look at the bigger picture. Do you have 100% trust in this person to deliver on the promises made?

If you choose Design Scotland Video, we sincerely hope the answer is a resounding ‘yes!’

Rant over 😉


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