Kinkell Byre Wedding Film -Nichola & Gary's Harry Potter Inspired Wedding

We just loved these two. Well, these three as little Milo is certainly a massive part of the family.

The aim of the game is to have a good time. Nichola and Gary do.  Their outlook in life is just perfect, look after each other and have a good time doing it, with an absolute enthusiasm for life!

Their focus of creating a unique wedding at the awesome Kinkell Byre in St Andrews, was for every single guest to have a blast at their wedding.  So much entertainment, so much fun - they had a petting zoo!  Brilliant! (although I did keep my distance from that big white snake!).

One of my favourite bits is fairly simple, but it's when wee Milo is waiting in Gary's arms at the start of the ceremony, and Milo's ears prick up when he sees Nichola round the corner at the top of the aisle. Cute or what.

Oh and another is where the girls are finishing off getting ready and Dad walks in..."Daaaaadddd...!" 😂

I could go on, but it's easier to just show you their awesome highlights film and I think you'll understand.

Thank you Nichola & Gary for trusting us!  See you very soon at Jen & Joe's big day!

Steve & Yvonne x

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