The holiday has subsided now and it’s my first day back in the office so lots to catch up on! (as well as a mountain of editing…Mañana,  Mañana)

Just been reflecting on the whirlwind that was the IOV Awards in Coventry the week before last.  The Institute of Videography is the UK’s professional body for Filmmakers from all walks of life including commercial, wedding & event, music industry, corporate and broadcast filmmakers.  I’ve been a Master Member for many years but only once before got around to submitting anything for their Annual Awards.

Anyhow this year I didn’t have time to edit anything together especially for the awards so I decided to submit a showreel DVD with 5 of my recent films, covering different facets of my work as a wedding videographer.  As it was a showreel, it was entered into the open category, and I sat back and waited for the shortlist to be announced.

When I discovered I had been shortlisted I was absolutely chuffed to bits!  The competition is extremely tough and includes some serious talent from across the whole of the UK!

So jump forward to the IOV Awards dinner at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.  It was the 14th October which happened to be our 13th Wedding Anniversary so I was hoping for something special given that I had left the night before and Yvonne and I wouldn’t see each other that day 🙁  (sorry Mrs T hope you forgive me!)

IOV awardsSo my apologies and anniversary wishes were made on the phone to Yvonne, and I parked up in the Ricoh Arena Carpark (uncannily all the parking spaces were numbered and as I got out of the car I noticed I had parked in space number 1 – corny co-incidence perhaps lol).

Pre-dinner glass of water (I was driving to Glasgow Airport through the night as we were flying out to Tenerife at 5am the next morning!) then a nervous dinner, some chat, coffee and then on to the awards proper.

There were 5 people in each category and ‘Open’ was up first (thankfully as I had that 5hr drive ahead of me!).

3rd place….2nd place… then a pause and I realised I had either come first or 4th/5th….. I don’t really remember the next minute or so, other than something about a blurted expletive as I stood up, and then charged up to the stage to collect my award from Maggie Philbin ex of Tomorrows World (don’t know who she is?  ask your dad lol).  A few photos, lots of hand shaking and then back to my seat in total shock. FIRST PLACE!!!!!!

Hurried goodbyes and then a 4 and half hour car journey northwards up the M6, fueled by coffee and pure adrenaline!

I must admit I am immensely proud to have won this award.  It’s an award for the quality of my work, my filming, my editing, my post production and coming from the Institute of Videography it’s a huge pat on the back.

So thank you to the IOV Judging panel, thank you to Yvonne for supporting me and for being my soul mate, thank you to Callum for making me laugh so much, to the great photographers out there we work with week in week out (you know who you are) and to my parents who I wish were here to see it 🙁

There, acceptance speech done 😉 [sorry, yes I know that was a cheesy moment but I had to do it]

You can see one of the samples from the Showreel DVD just below.

Here’s to the rest of 2009 and a completely awesome 2010!



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  1. Fantastic wedding videos, very impressed and as wedding planners from Scotland it is great to see another Scot in the wedding trade doing so well.

  2. Steve, Stuart, Yvonne (& Callum!) – huge congrats to you all… soooo very well deserved – we love this DVD (and of course all your work!) The quality of your work and your attention to detail is unmatched; you guys rock!

  3. Congratulations, great to see someone from Scotland do well, beautiful sample and a well deserved award


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