Hopetoun House Wedding Trailer – Claire & Euan

Here is the second Trailer of this weeks series, showcasing something new from Design Scotland Video.

I’ll not talk about it just now but do watch this space for some very very cool news soon!

The film trailer is from Claire & Euan’s Wedding last weekend, at the awesome Hopetoun House!  Once again we had the pleasure of working with Niels & Alie from BlueSky Photography (click here to see their photos from this wedding!), and once again we shot far too much footage  😉      All good though – always better too much than not enough!

The Trailer is edited in a very dramatic style intentionally, but do bear in mind the shots were all taken when working alongside Niels and Alie and we still didn’t need to ‘pose’ Claire & Euan ourselves, so rest assured that we maintained a relaxed approach to the filming.

Claire & Euan, thanks for letting us get involved and we’ll have a cracking film ready for you in a few weeks time.

So, sit back and enjoy the show…..


PS: don’t forget, we love to hear your thoughts so please do let us know what you think in the comments box below.
PPS:  Niels & Alie, thanks for setting up that awesome petals shot – inspired!   Thanks also to Gemma from Planet Flowers for the BIIIG bucket of petals and the utterly gorgeous displays!!

Depending on your internet connection speed, the HD video may stop and start.
To solve this, press ‘pause’ and wait while the grey bar builds up, press ‘play’ again and then enjoy!
If the video does not appear, please just refresh your browser.

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  1. Hi guys, from the couple below you! This trailer is absolutely incredible, WOW! So powerful and emotional, love the petals. Congratulations.
    Steve & Stuart, you are simply amazing.


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