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One of the things about Christina & Chris’ wedding that made it so much fun to film, was that there were so many familiar friendly faces (as I’ve filmed a number of friends weddings over the past couple of years) so it was just great seeing everyone again.

Actually, I think that’s the thing, there were just so many beaming delighted faces.  Everyone had a complete ball at the wedding, and Christina & Chris’ sense of fun shone throughout.

The dancing… the dancing…. not only the great band that is Kilter, but also the footage I have during the Status Quo’s number “Rockin’ all over the world” will stay with me forever…just hilarious mad jumpy energy. Absolutely loved it. (the 2 min Quo montage in the main wedding film still makes me grin from ear to ear!)

We had a brilliant day, helped along by Jennifer and her amazing team at Hopetoun House, plus the greatness of Niels and Alie of Blue Sky Photography (I do wonder sometimes if I have too much fun at weddings?  nah!)

Christina & Chris, so glad you loved the films, thanks again for placing your trust in us!




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