Happy New Year

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Happy New Year everyone!

I’ll skip the usual run through of the important events of 2009 and skip straight to the run through of the past 2 weeks off!

Well it’s been a blur of relaxation, mulled wine, chocolates, TV, sledging, pinot noir, snowball fights, arguing over which film to watch, stuffing and turkey, champagne, and shovelling snow away from the driveway.  Pretty fabulous really (not even opening up Final Cut Pro to edit!)

I do have some photos somewhere, if I can find the memory card….

So onto 2010 then.

Lots of new things planned, some new edits, new filming, new gear and renewed vigour to get stuck into my handful of winter weddings.

New Years Resolution? I think as well as the usual dietary ones, it’s to utilise time a little better and from that, get the work/life balance more in favour of ‘life’.  2009 was far too mental!

So if you are planning your wedding for 2010/2011/2012 then enjoy it, relax but most of all, BOOK EARLY!

Happy New year!  All the very best!


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