Becky & Nikhil’s Wedding at Pollokshields Burgh Hall

The film below is from Becky & Nikhil’s Wedding at the lovely Pollokshields Burgh Hall, a day full of fun, excitement, laughter and ‘green’ (sorry Becky 😉 teehee)

Becky & Nik’s Wedding was planned to perfection (by Becky!) and all those little touches and details made it such a special day for them. I think the one thing that came out of it though was just the sheer excitement of the day.  Becky & Nik are so much in love, and this day meant everything to them.  Getting all their close family and friends together to celebrate, and making sure they had fun, was a big thing and that’s certainly how it turned out.

Robbie and I had a total hoot filming that day, and I must make a special thank you for including us in the just stunning Indian Feast that was the Wedding Breakfast.  Not sure I’ve ever tasted Indian food that good before… plus I’m not sure how we managed to pick up our totally stuffed ‘selves off the chair to film the evening celebrations!

I knew just how important the Wedding Film was to these guys so I’m so chuffed they are delighted with it, and I just had to share their Highlights Film with you all.

So, a huge thanks to you Becky & Nik… for being so patient with the long wait for the film, for being such an awesome couple to work with on the day, and for that taste tingling feast 😀

I’m so chuffed you loved the films, and look forward to reading all about your future together! (Oh I forgot to mention Becky is becoming a prolific wedding blogger, so you can read more about their journey here at The OliveDragonfly )

Take good care of each other guys!

Steve x

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  1. I can’t believe I have only *just* seen this!! Bex and Nik you both look amazing…and an impressive amount of GREEN everywhere, the outfits, make up, flowers, scenery…wow!

    Fantastic work Steve and Robbie, what a beautiful preview film x

  2. Oh, and I just got this email from Mum!

    “Oh Wow, fantasmagorical!!! Been outside all day stacking furniture so only just got to see the video. Really really good, and that was only 3 minutes! How long is the DVD?”

    Sent her the link today since she doesn’t have her copy of the DVD yet as she’s in Saudi and we’re waiting for someone who can take it out as it might get seized if posted – bare shoulders and all!!!

    🙂 x

  3. Thank you SO much for your kind words, I loved reading what you thought of our day and you are spot on about the excitement! Glad you enjoyed dinner so much too! I finally just managed to watch it on laptop – was on my phone at work before, you made Liz cry! 🙂

    I am forever grateful to you and Robbie for capturing it all SO perfectly!


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