Balmoral Hotel Wedding in Edinburgh – Amy & Roger – Wedding Film

I love speeches, and ceremonies.  Now that might be an odd thing to say, when there are perhaps more ‘glamorous’ parts of the wedding day to be filmed, like the photoshoot, or maybe some funky dancing?

The thing is, I want to tell stories.  I want to tie up so many different parts of the wedding day and tell the couples story using not only images, and music but also some very carefully selected soundbites.

I can’t stress enough how important these parts are, and I get such a kick out of editing when it all starts to come together. The thrill of editing a film that not only tells the story but captures something of the personality of the couple never tires 🙂

Amy & Roger’s wedding was brilliant.  They have such a relaxed and fun outlook on life (maybe some of that sunny Dubai lifestyle helps!) and they really wanted to capture that sense of fun, and balance it with the emotion of the day, and show the love that they share.  They also wanted to make sure that while they were sitting in the searing heat of Dubai, that they could really get a ‘feel’ for being back ‘home’ in Edinburgh.

Filming was a hoot, such a laugh (should we really have that much fun while working? yeah!) and huge thanks go to Jay & Christina of Elemental Weddings for being just SO good to work with, thanks guys. Also major thanks to the team at The Balmoral – always a total and utter pleasure working at such an amazing venue!

So, with all the pre-planning chats, the footage on the day, and those wonderful soundbites from the speeches and ceremony….

I created this.

Hope you like it.




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