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Archerfield House – Persian / Scottish Wedding of Ross & Mahsa

I just love Persian Weddings, the whole feel of the day – especially the dancing at night – is so vibrant and fun and Ross & Mahsa’s Scottish / Iranian day was the perfect blend of love and emotion. The setting was the beautiful Archerfield House with the evening reception in the Waterfront Pavilion, and the sun shone brightly towards the end of the afternoon which gave us some great shots, some of which make it into this short trailer.

Photographic fun was supplied by Robin Frowley Photography and fun it was! (good to see you again Robin!).

The Persian and Scottish Wedding ceremony was just wonderful, incorporating traditions on both sides of the family, and the Sofreh table was packed with details and every single part had a meaning.  It took hours to prepare and setup, and that dedication and attention to details made it the well deserved focal point of the ceremony (aside from Ross & Mahsa that is 😉

Oh and that dancing, just brilliant!  Wait and see 🙂

A beautiful wedding, full of love, laughter and family.  Pretty good huh.

Enjoy the trailer!


Steve & Yvonne


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  1. Really enjoyed the trailer it made me cry (again) and reminded me what a great day it was & what a wonderful time we had at Ross & Mahsa’s wedding, can’t wait to see the full video!


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