Achnagairn House Wedding Highlights

Anne & Euan’s Wedding at Achnagairn House in the Highlands was just brilliant. The whole day was just great fun. From Anne and the girls exchanging lovely Tiffany gifts, to Euan making sure the guys would carry out their duties with military precision (in the pub!), it was a blast! Everything went perfectly, even the weather (considering this was the Highlands in January!).

So here is Anne & Euan’s Highlights. I’m sure Anne will want me to point out that she is ‘not a crier’, but I think the emotion of the day just took its hold during those vows… Well done Anne for maintaining your poise.

I’m really looking forward to seeing them again at Susie’s Wedding (Anne’s Bridesmaid) in August! I love that we are referred like this so often (I must be doing something right?) Oh and it was also great to see our previous couples Robbie & Kirsty, Alistair & Jody, plus Ben & Sophie all as guests at Achnagairn. See if you can spot Robbie giving his all to ‘Dignity’ on the dancefloor….


Enjoy the film.


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