Will Young at one of our Weddings !



OK firstly Will Young isn’t exactly my cup of tea (I’m a little more hardcore musically 😉 but I must say he is an excellent performer. How do I know that?

Well the Wedding I filmed last weekend at Prestonfield House, he actually came on stage and performed a superb 50minute set! The entire wedding, including the Bride, was flabbergasted.

He seemed like a really genuine guy and interacted with the guests, including a rousing ‘conga’, had a great sense of humour and certainly not one of those ‘celebs’ with their heads up their own backsides! Fair Play to you Will!

I’m afraid I can’t show you any footage due to the copyright issues and Sony/BMG placing a blanket ban on it’s use – actually not sure if I can even give it to the bride yet – bit of a shame. So I have instead posted a couple of photos taken by a wedding guest on the night.

Anyhow, just thought I’d post as it was quite a remarkable evening!

Looking forward to next week, I think U2 are playing… lol 🙂


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