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Fun Wedding Films

Weddings in Scotland are emotional, they are important and very poignant moments in peoples lives.  They cement the love between two people and bring two families together in marriage. They are also a celebration, and the best way to celebrate anything is to have a party, and all the best parties involve an awful amount of fun and laughter.

We understand this!  A Wedding video should emcompass all the emotions on a wedding day, the emotion and the fun!

We ensure our wedding films really show the wedding for how it was, a cinematic documentary of just how much fun was had, and we hope it comes across in the edits.

Quite simply, weddings are heaps of fun and so should the wedding film be.

Here's Ashleigh & Russell's wedding film from a few years back, these guys know how to party and have fun.  They also love each other tons.

Enjoy, and remember.... have FUN on your wedding day 🙂