The Story of your Amazing Day

We are dedicated to producing films that tell your story in a unique and individual way. We create beautiful wedding stories, that capture the very essence of you as a couple, and your wedding day, and that are as individual as you are.
If you have the time we would love to get to know you a little, to discover what is your perfect wedding film, and to find out just what makes you who you are.

We are filmmakers, not just videographers and we take great care and pride in the work that we do. We are privileged to be filming one of the most important days of your lives, and we do not take that responsibility, or the level of trust placed in us, lightly.

We have an opportunity to capture your day and create a film that will take you straight back to your wedding day, so you can re-live that special time for years to come. The value of this investment only increases with age as your memories fade, and the film is passed on through the generations.

We offer far more than ‘wedding video’, we are dedicated to producing films that tell your story in a unique and individual way.

We work in a very unobtrusive and natural style. No-one wants clips of family and friends doing awful posed routines to camera do they? Eek. No, we want everything to be as natural as possible all day. Emotion is what we’re looking for, but only if it’s authentic, we don’t like fakery!
We also like to spend time getting to know you. What you love, any concerns you have, what makes the wedding special for you etc. After all, it’s your wedding film, and we want each and every film we make to be special, unique and as individual as you are.  We can’t stress this enough, the films we make are always truly bespoke and never edited to a formula or template!

In terms of investment of time, most of our hours go into the most rewarding part of the process… the editing.
The one thing we don’t do is specify a number of hours for editing! Each film takes as long as it takes, as we never want to constrain an edit by looking at the clock.

So, we’re a fun and chilled bunch. We love to get to know what ‘your’ perfect wedding film would be. We’re passionate, and we work mighty hard to make truly individual wedding films. We love what we do.

We’d love to talk about your plans, so please do get in touch.

“OH MY WORD!!!! Steve, I am not one to be speechless but that was truly a work of art! They are outstanding and I honestly can’t put in to words how absolutely thrilled I am to have just relived our day.”