Wedding Pop Video – Something very different! [VIDEO]

Now this is a real departure from our normal unobtrusive wedding films!  We pride ourselves on staying in the background, capturing natural unposed moments with no ‘acting’ by our couples, and making sure everyone is put completely at ease with having cameras around. Heck most couples tell us ‘we didn’t know you were there’ !

So what changed?!

Well nothing really, Nikki & Ben will still get their beautifully crafted natural and unposed wedding film, but they also will receive this short pop video, full of fun and laughter……

Yes, I finally succumbed to the numerous requests and got around to filming a Wedding Day Pop Video! Gulp!

Some call them ‘marry-oke’ but I just can’t bring myself to use that word! Yeuk!

There’s lots of ‘marryoke’ about and most unfortunately seem to opt for the ultra obvious ‘Perfect Day’ routine. OK don’t get me wrong, it’s a great song, but do you honestly want a song that was written about Lou Reed’s heroin addiction (come on, have you not seen Trainspotting?!).

So with more energy than I’ve ever conjured for a wedding day, a fantastic bride and groom, their family and friends, some sunshine and the awesome Gordon McGowan, Stuart and I shot our first Wedding Pop Video!

It was a huge learning curve and I think we got so much from the day and developed ideas that we could be ready to implement next time – should I ever be persuaded to do this again of course!  😉

Thanks Ben & Nikki, you were absolute stars, and thanks also go to Gordon for his stint as artistic director during the group shots 🙂  You too are a star and, as always, it was great fun working with you!

Anyway it was a huge amount of fun both filming and editing.  So I do hope you enjoy the film (and some outtakes afterwards).

If you are watching this thinking, ‘Pop Video? That’s not for me’ then don’t worry, we haven’t ditched our relaxed and unobtrusive, award winning style of working!  The ‘Pop Videos’ will now become an added (if rather exclusive) option for anyone who likes them but it’s now back to what we do best – hiding in bushes and capturing moments in a truly natural, unobtrusive and relaxed way.  Perhaps ‘hiding in bushes’ doesn’t really describe what we do but you get the idea 😉

So without any further ado, here we go.  I tell you one thing, there’s no stopping them….

Tech Note: [ Finally got the Vimeo version to shot correct lip synch, so here it is but still if you have any problems viewing then do  let me know!] .

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  1. Hi Steve,

    hope you don’t mind – popped in for a nosey – loved your video; as well as being fun, must have been a bit of a nightmare to shoot & edit!!
    Don’t think I could be as ambitious taking something like that on for someone’s wedding day, it’s an exceptional job. You guys are still leading the way in Scottish wedding videography – well done.

    Best Regards

    Martin (***** Productions, Scottish Wedding Videography)

  2. Love it! It’s absolutely fantastic and exactly what we were looking for..!!

    It was great fun working with you and we will be recommending you to friends & family.

    Thanks so much for all of your hard work x


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