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On revamping the website and blog, I found this film hiding away, and I just had to share it once more…..


That’s what we strive to create.  Real wedding films that tell the story of real wedding days with no fakery or contrived set pieces! Using all the various elements of imagery and sound to create something special, films that will transport the couple right back to the most amazing day of their lives together.  It’s quite a responsibility, but one I relish.


The other aspect is being true to the bride and groom, to really bring out the personality and feel of their wedding day – not some cookie cutter rehash of other films.

So here is James & Julia’s Wedding day story.  Despite being in the height of a Scottish summer, it was wet.  Very wet.  We did however get out onto the roof of Dundas Castle for a brief spell in the evening to grab some stunning shots (a couple of which make it into this short highlights film). As a Half Scottish-Half Australian wedding, family had come from all over the world to help James & Julia celebrate and no amount of ‘wet stuff’ was going to dampen their spirits.

The thing is, as you’ll see from the film, the weather is just not important.  It’s the people that matter and that’s what this wedding is all about, being real and being true to James & Julia’s day.

Their main wedding film is pretty fast paced and fun, so when it came to creating their highlights film I went for something slower to balance things out.   Given some of the wonderful heartfelt speeches the guys came up with, I think I made the right choice as.  It’s an emotional ride.

Hope you like it.

Huge thanks to James & Julia – you guys were so much fun to be with, a total hoot in the morning and Julia you just beamed and beamed all day 🙂  Also a massive thanks to Sarah Elizabeth Photography – just brilliant to work with you as always, the time and consideration you give us is hugely appreciated.  We have a right laugh too (shhh!).



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  1. We do have a laugh, work probably shouldn’t be this much fun should it?

    I love these guys and this wedding is up there with one of my favourite EVER. Gorgeous couple, brilliant venues, lovely, lovely families, we weren’t going to let a bit of rain spoil our fun. So happy we got up on the to roof, totally worth it.

    I cried (alot) at this, such a fantastic memory of a fab, fun filled day.


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