[st_section_color color='#ffffff' padding='20px'] shutterstock_105420140 HD Files - We like to think about the future, not the past... With all of our packages we will send you a chocie of DVD's or Bluray's comtaining your film, but we'll also deliver your films as High Definition video files. Well, as we film your wedding in crystal clear full HD and some parts in 4K, we have the ability to do all the editing and output a final file that is also full HD.  There are a number of ways in which to give this to you, but by far the best and most convenient way is using our service called Mediazilla.  Think of it as your online BluRay, which you can play on any device anywhere in the world (that allows access to the open internet of course), but youc an also download your own HD copies, and keep them safe.  In fact we insist you download them and copy them to multiple locations just to be safe, and future proof them! There's also a great dedicated Mediazilla app for the AppleTV, so if you have one of those then it's even easier for you to enjoy your wedding film in glorious HD goodness! We have a full guide on Mediazill and how to open your own free account, how to use it, and how to download your files.  We'll send you all of this info when your films are ready for delivery. As all entertainment moves to the 'cloud' and streaming services take over (think Netflix, Amazon Prime video etc) the days of putting a fragile DVD or Bluray into a player are numbered, and with Mediazilla we have you covered! 🙂 If you have any questions then do let us know. 🙂