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Happy Friday!

I’m delighted to share another of our lovely little trailers, and this one if from Jacqueline & Stuart’s recent wedding at Cameron House Hotel on the stunning (and indeed very bonny) banks of Loch Lomond.

The Irish-Scottish mix meant that we knew the day would absolutely be a ton of fun, but the emotion and love in that room was just amazing.  Stuart’s Dad’s reading of Robert Burns “A Red, Red Rose” was so full of emotion that it was a shoe-in for the trailer.  Stuart’s speech was also pretty special but Jacqueline’s speech was just perfect storytelling… and I’m keeping that back for the full film and highlights! It’s going to be a very exciting edit!

So here we go, enjoy this short trailer and have a fabulous weekend everyone!




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  1. Hi Steve, thank you so much for the beautiful trailer, we cannot wait for the DVD. I can’t stop watching it and i’m sure I know all the words to the poem off by heart now! Many thanks to Stuart as well (your Stuart that is). Thank you x


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